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Joehanna Morris


1st / anywhere but pitcher

Where are you from? Live now? 

Sallisaw, OK

All time favorite Anarchy model?

The OG silver 12", 12" smoke, or the Fenrir toss up easily

How long have you been playing softball?

Started when I was 8 and started with adults when I was 13… so 21 years

What is your #1 hitting tip for recreational players?

Tee work/repetition. It’s the small things you work on that make the big things easy when they come along.

Favorite Food?

My indian tacos, Buela’s fried plantains or birria tacos.

Favorite Movie?

Dirty Dancing/The Little Mermaid

iPhone or Android?


Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Only if it’s Canadian Bacon

Would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

My ancestors survived colonialism and the Trail of Tears, duh I’d survive. Unless the zombies are fast, I’m not built for speed

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