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Evil Sports BP 52 12" Slowpitch Softballs

Evil Sports BP 52 12" Slowpitch Softballs

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Finally, a BP ball that is safe for your Game ready composite bats!!! Evil BP52 The original 2 color batting practice softballs since 2009. 

Safe for use with ASA/USA bats in all temperatures. Take BP with your bat and don’t destroy it….. After years of research, the public is getting what they asked for, The EVIL BP 52 Perfected for Composite, Aluminum, and Wood bats. We took the consistency and durability you have come to expect from the Evil ball and added a New Velocity core and 2 color water-resistant cover. This ball is designed to give you 1000s of game quality BP swings without damaging your bats. The 2 color cover allows you to hone your hitting skills even more by being able to monitor ball spin. Pitchers can also benefit by using this ball to practice Knuckleballs and different types of spin because of the spin monitoring ability. Also, you will know when someone “borrows” your ball. .52 C0R, 300 compressions. Sold in 1 dozen lots. NOTICE!!!! These balls do not react well to indoor batting cage use. Impacts from hitting screens/backstops can cause premature cover failure. This is not warranted.

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